Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Camera problem solved(I think).

For the last few weeks I've been disappointed in a lot of the shots I've been taking.I've been getting a much larger proportion of crappographs than I used to get with a lot of shots out of focus when they shouldn't have been.

A chance meeting with a fellow photographer at Brandon on Saturday advised me that my autofocus was off and I should adjust it using the lens micro adjust facility in the 7D camera.After delving deep in the Custom Functions Settings in the camera I did make an adjustment but needed to check that I'd done the right thing.

So on Tuesday I shot over to Brandon to see if things had improved.Although it was bright there was a strong wind blowing so the Warblers I was after were keeping a low profile so getting shots was not easy.Here a few I managed and I think that things have improved.I was pleased with the second Whitethroat shot not that it's a good shot but because it was taken with the bird a long way off and I managed to get a bit of detail.

I was surprised to see a GS Woody had dug out it's nest very close to a pathway again.

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