Sunday, 18 April 2010

A whole day at Brandon Marsh.

The weather on Saturday was superb so I ended up spending the whole day at Brandon Marsh.On the birding/photography front it wasn't particularly good but strolling around in the sunshine was very enjoyable.

Tried for the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker first getting in the wooded area pretty early.After about half an hour a pair of them shot over my head and landed high up in a nearby tree but they soon darted off.Tried several more times during the day but didn't get even a glimpse.

Spotted this Chiffchaff near the pathway getting nesting material I presume with it's mate.

Had a go trying to improve my birds in flight skills which does need some practice.Tried some easy and some harder subjects.

Early afternoon had another go at getting a decent shot of a Cetti's. I found a good spot and settled down and waited.Got lots of sightings and was able to take many shots but they are so damned quick most of them were messed up and the better ones all had twigs in the way or were taken at too great a distance.Good fun on a sunny day.Here are some of the less bad ones.

As I approached the golf course later in the day I saw a golfer who must have missed an easy putt hurl his golf ball at a Canada Goose that happened to be near the green.He missed!!! Did see this family of Greylags on the fairway.Isn't this early to have chicks?

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Kevin Groocock said...

A good day, Max. Well done on the Cetttis and the Swallows. I don't seem to be able to capture any hirundines - just too fast!