Saturday, 22 May 2010

A quick local trip.

Trapped indoors most of Friday waiting for a furniture delivery (do these guys ever arrive when they are supposed to?) I only had a bit of the afternoon available to get some shots so I went the short journey to the NT place at Baddesly Clinton to walk the grounds.

Three years ago I found two nesting Spotted Flycatchers there but absolutely zilch since so I was not expecting much but found a pair of Grey Wagtails near the church in a large puddle just the other side of the boundary fence.I managed to get pretty close but the light was straight in front of me so a bit tricky getting decent shots.They were either too dark or blown out.These are some I could salvage.

Trying to entertain myself later I had a go at getting shots of a Whitethroat doing it's display flight.What a game that is.This is my best effort so you can imagine what the others were like

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