Monday, 24 May 2010

Marsh Lane early Sunday morning.

Went to Marsh Lane on Sunday morning arriving at 7.30AM in glorious weather.

What a picture the place was but the sighting of a Wood Sandpiper and an Osprey early yesterday morning by others was not to be repeated.

A walk round with some of the regulars found nothing new but the chat was entertaining including a discussion on the various merits of a couple of bulls with the cows in a field opposite the car park hide.

There was a bit of excitement as we crossed the causeway when we spotted 4 Common Buzzards over the cottages which prompted me to say "We need a Red Kite".Only seconds later Steve spotted a Red Kite high over our heads.Some wishes come true then.

I was pleased because this was a Marsh Lane tick for me bringing my total there to 266!!!!! Oh No that's wrong that's the number or birds I've ID incorrectly.My Marsh Lane total is 136.Sorry about that.

Some pics below.The Kite was very high up heading slowly East so pics not too grand but pleased to get a Marsh Lane Red Kite.

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