Saturday, 3 July 2010

Brandon Marsh visit.

Although it was a little dull on Friday morning I still went to Brandon Marsh for the first visit for a week or two.

Got there mid morning and decided to wander around a bit before ending up at the Carlton hide.Along the main path I managed to get shots of a Wren who was singing it's heart out, a juvenile Whitethroat and a very young LT Tit whose expression seemed to indicate I was the first human it had seen.

At the Carlton hide the Kingfishers were showing well paying regular visits with,at one time, three being present.A couple of them where very obliging landing on the nearest perching pole and posing for shots.

There was an amusing moment when the KF's were perching close to the hide and the cameras were in action.My friend Kath was using her new Canon 1D mark 4 which rattles off shots at an incredible rate and an old guy at the end of the hide was quite distressed at the noise as it "reminded me of the German machine guns at the battle of Ypres in the first world war".Kath has a nickname now Machine Gun Kathy.

My attempts at getting KF flight/fishing shots were pretty grim.I am in awe of the guys who get great shots of KF's fishing.Here are my best efforts.


Kevin Groocock said...

Max, I am sorry but I will have to stop looking at your site. Your images are just too good and making me depressed! (Only joking about not visiting site). Super images of the Kingfisher and the flight shots. You will have to let me in on your secrets. The ones I took at Brandon needed a great deal of work in photoshop - including flash to bring them into lighter, usable images.

Max Silverman said...

You should see the shots those guys with high speed cameras were getting.I rely heavily on luck!!!!