Monday, 12 July 2010

Chasing raptors in Norfolk.

Went to Norfolk last Wednesday for a few days birding.One of my tasks was to try and get some decent shots of any raptors that were about.

Went straight to the Montagu's Harrier site and while I was stretching tired muscles after a long drive a male flew over my head.I quickly grabbed the camera and reeled off a few shots before it disappeared from view.I was chuffed to at last get some close shots of a MH but (there is always a but) but when I checked the shots it turned out to be a male Marsh Harrier.Bugger!!!!!

I paid a few visits to this site during my stay and always saw the male but way off in the distance.However I did have a bit of luck one day when the female came fairly close and I did get some shots which was pleasing as I'd never seen a female before.

Having heard that the Honey Buzzards were showing well at the Swanaton Novers viewing point I popped over one lunchtime.There were a dozen birders there all scoping the distant woodland but none of them had seen one yet although there were a few Common Buzzards about.

Luckily I'd bought a chair,my lunch,a book and a newspaper with me to ease the pain of waiting for one to appear.In the 2 hours I was there there were 3 sightings by the experts present but my god they were a long way off (see my pic).This reminded me of a visit to the Fancy viewing point in the forest of dean where you watch the Goshawks about 3 miles away.

Went to Cley to get some Marsh Harrier shots which for some reason I struggle with and this visit was no different as in a 2 hour wait only one bird came any where near me.


Dougy said...

Wow nice pictures. I went to Norfolk last month, I was invited by a friend.I stayed at Maids Head Hotel , located across the famous Norman Cathedral. love the place...

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Dougy.