Sunday, 1 August 2010

Not one of the better days out birding.

Hadn't been out with the camera for a couple of days so I was pleased to get out early Saturday morning as I headed to Brandon Marsh.

Although it was fairly bright when I set out it was pretty gloomy when I started to walk along the main path and to make matters worse everywhere was very quiet with nothing remotely interesting showing.

I ended up in the Carlton hide and joined a few friends but like the weather the mood in there was gloomy.If it wasn't for a juvenile KF showing up there was nothing at all to point the camera at.Due to the poor light my attempts at getting KF fishing shots were worse than dreadful and all I ended up with that was a little different were shots of the juvenile preening.

I left before lunch before I got too depressed and called in at Marsh Lane on the way home but things didn't improve much there as the Godwits and the Sandpipers had all left and a Hobby over the car park pool flew off before I could get the camera out.

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