Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Hobbies are my favourite bird and I love each year having a go at getting a decent shot of these fast flying chaps but this year has been the worst year for seeing them since I started birding six years ago.I've seen them several times both at Marsh Lane and Brandon Marsh but for some reason (no dragonflies?) they have only stayed for a couple of minutes each time before flying off into the distance.

I went to Brandon Marsh yesterday lunchtime for an afternoon visit determined not to take any more KF shots as I'd gone beyond overkill recently so I was very pleased when a Hobby showed up from the Carlton hide.

The good news was that it stayed for 30 minutes but the bad news was that it never got any nearer than the dead trees to the hide never once, when hawking for dragonflies, flying in our direction.Shouldn't moan too much as it was very nice to see.Here are a few distant shots I managed (need a much bigger lens!!!!).

Here is a better shot I managed to get at Marsh Lane a few weeks ago.

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Kevin Groocock said...

Love the last image, Max. I never seem to get close to the Hobby and have very few images.