Sunday, 8 August 2010

Scraping the barrel.

In the last few days I've paid two brief visits to Marsh Lane and a longer (mid afternoon to the evening) visit to Brandon Marsh and I must confess I've struggled to point the camera at anything remotely interesting on the bird front.Well it is early August!!!!

On the visits to Marsh Lane I managed a shot of a juvenile Water Rail but I had problems with tall reeds just in the wrong spot.Also I was able to get a shot of a Little Grebe with a juvenile which would have been better if the sun hadn't been in front of me.

I had a long session yesterday afternoon in the Carlton hide with several other birders and my god it was slow going with one or two birders nodding off.The Hobby eventually showed up and paid several short visits for a couple of hours but as usual did not come anywhere near the hide.What a miserable so and so!!!!! This is all I could manage.

The juvenile KF was around but only for short visits.Tried to get something new shotwise but only ended up with a rain shot,a diving shot and an artistic shot.I said I was scraping the barrel.

Also I got a distant shot of a Lesser Whitethroat (well I think it's one) in the bushes to the left of the hide.My first shot of one this year.


Kevin Groocock said...

I had a "scraping the barrel" day at Brandon today, Max. Couldn't believe that the Carlton Hide was full of photographers at 0700 this morning, with everyone shooting into the sun!

Max Silverman said...

Kevn I'm lucky to be able to go birding in the week when it's usually not so crowded.The Carlton hide was crowded with photographers late on Saturday when the light was poor.