Sunday, 26 September 2010

Brandon Marsh.

Having been trapped indoors by the weather for a couple of days I was desperate to go out birding so on Saturday morning I decided to pay a visit to Brandon Marsh mainly because I hadn't been there for ages.

It was bright but very cold as I started walking down the main path but my good mood soon vanished as birders I met on the path were coming out with "Nothing about mate it's dead" "Been here since 6.00AM and I've seen buggerall".Oh dear!!!!!

There was nothing at all showing from the first 3 hides but at least when I got to the Carlton hide there were some friends there and the chat was good.In a pretty long stay all that showed was a Jay fly by and a Water Rail scurrying across the front of the hide.It was pretty grim so before deep vein thrombosis set in I moved on.

From the Steetly hide a KF showed up with a large fish which it proceeded to batter to death on the perching pole.So something to cheer me up then? Well you'd think so but no as I somehow managed to mess up every shot I took.I don't know whether it was the bright sunshine behind the KF but every shot was rubbish.I gave up then and went round to a mates house.

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