Saturday, 11 September 2010

Earlswood Lakes.

Because the weather was bad in the morning I had decided to stay in but when the lunchtime match (Everton V Man. Utd.) was looking to me like a draw I decided to chance the weather and go to Earlwood Lakes to see if the Black Terns were still present.

The bad news first the match turned out to be an exciting 3 - 3 draw.The good news was that the Black Terns were still there and even better news was that as I walked towards the causeway I met up with Pete Walkden.He kindly guided me to the best spot to try for some shots which was along the path to the yacht club.

There were 3 juveniles wizzing around everywhere and my god they were a devil to lock onto.I managed to take an enormous amount of crappographs with very few decent shots and most of those were of empty skies,trees,yachts and local housing.These are a few of the better ones.

We did have a problem on the walk back when a small bridge you have to cross was blocked by a yobbo who would not get out of the way.Pics taken for forwarding to the authorities.

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