Friday, 10 September 2010

Raptorfest at Marsh Lane.

After my morning at Knowle Churchyard I decided to have a quick look in at Marsh Lane.It was a good move as it turned out with many raptors on view enjoying the sunny afternoon.

Saw a Kestrel in a nearby tree by the main gate but it flew off as soon as I closed the gate.As I got out the car a Sparrowhawk flew above my head and over the crop field area there were 7 Common Buzzards soaring and calling out.

As I walked down towards the causeway I met up with John who said a Hobby was about some where and blow me down if it didn't appear flying over the car park pool straightaway.Well I shot off and positioned myself in what I hoped was a good spot to try for some shots.

It zoomed around the causeway area on and off for about 10 minutes.Trying to get shots of a fast flying Hobby is a thrill that's better than a passionate kiss with Cheryl Cole and I should know!!!!!

Trouble was I didn't have it all my own way as my friend was taking the p*** a bit as it kept flying over me out of the sun like a world war 2 fighter pilot so lots of shots were crappographs.

Here are some of shots of it flying.

Here are some shots of it with food/eating.

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