Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Knowle Churchyard.

This morning whilst waiting for the bakers to open (the lazy swine does not open till 8.30AM) I took a stroll round the nearby Knowle churchyard.I've done this before but not seen much but this morning it was pretty lively.

The best spot was a family of Treecreepers who took no notice of me standing 3 metres away as they fed on a tree trunk probably because my camera was half a mile away!!!! Raced back home and grabbed the camera but there was no sign of the Treecreepers when I returned.Typical!!!!

As I was there I decided to take a good look round and was pleasantly surprised to find at least 3 Spotted Flycatchers whizzing around the gravestones.What is it with these chaps they seem to love churchyards.Are they religious or what.I've been lucky to see a lot of them this year all locally and all in churchyards.

Here are a few shots none of them much good as I couldn't get near them at all.They were around for about 15 minutes before deciding to rest up high in some trees.

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