Friday, 10 September 2010

Another Visit to Knowle Churchyard.

I must be getting religion late in life because I made another visit to Knowle churchyard for the second time in a week on Thursday morning.I was after the Spotted Flycatchers again because I needed cheering up after a grim visit to Draycote Water on Wednesday morning.

Now I am the last person to have a go at Draycote Water because it has been excellent lately but on Wednesday morning it was very poor for photographers.To start with it was very gloomy with a mist shrouding everything,there was only a lone wader (Ringed Plover) on the Hensborough Bank foreshore and all the good birds present (RN Phalarope,6 Black Terns,a Little Gull and a Little Tern were tiny blobs in a powerful scope.

The only bit of excitement was a distant Hobby catching a Swallow(?) and flying off to enjoy his meal.Got a very distant shot but you can just make out it's catch that is if you look very hard.

Well back to my visit to Knowle churchyard.I could not find the Spotted Flycatchers which I saw on Tuesday morning but I did find a bit of action when I walked round.I thought I was trying to get shots of a Goldcrest that was pinging around in the trees as they do but when I got the shots home I was wrong yet again.

I'm not really sure what I had got shots of I can only suggest a Chiffchaff.Please let me know what you think.Here are a few shots.

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