Sunday, 10 October 2010

Unprecedented : a poor days birding in Norfolk.

On Friday morning I headed to Cley to walk the East bank but when I got there the weather man had let me down badly.It was very gloomy and a strong easterly wind was blowing.Oh dear not the weather for a fairweatherbirder and certainly not the weather for taking pics.

Joined the only other birder on the shingle bank and helped him search for a Snow Bunting that had been reported earlier.After a fruitless hours searching and as I was getting shingle blindness (looking at shingle for too long) I gave up and headed a bit down the coast to Salthouse beach.

Had a bit better luck there when I found 4 Turnstones on one of the flooded areas and a Whinchat on some undergrowth (first one I'd seen for a few years).I then searched on Granborough Hill where sometimes decent birds can be seen but I had no luck.I then joined some other birders searching for a Shore Lark that had just come in on the bird text alert but we could not find it after an hours search.

I then went for lunch in the Dun Cow pub at Salthouse but my poor morning continued here when a very modest ham sandwich and a half of bitter cost me £7.00.Hells bells £7.00!!!! When I was young £7.00 could buy you a 2-bed semi out in the sticks.

Just as I left the pub the bird text alert came through "YB Warbler and a Firecrest by the pond at Holkam Pines". As it was on my way back to the hotel I decided to give it a go.When I got out of the car at the end of Lady Anne's Drive I was surrounded by loads of dogs and I thought Crufts were holding a dog show here but no it was just dog walkers.Dozens of them.

I headed down the path to the pond which I knew was near the Washington hide.I searched for a couple of hours with quite a few other birders but all we saw was a Blue Tit ,a Robin and a few Chaffinches.By this time I knew it was not my day so I gave up for the day.


Kevin Groocock said...

Great stuff with the Whinchat, Max. The birds you missed were all behind you, keeping quiet, until you had gone past!

Pete Walkden said...

That's probably the whinchat that refused to play ball with me, when I was there. At least you bagged that!

Max Silverman said...

Cheers guys.The Whinchat was very flighty.