Monday, 11 October 2010

Saturday morning in Norfolk.

On Saturday morning,having paid the hotel bill, I was undecided where to go.I did not want to go too far east as I was heading home after lunch so it was Holme,Thornham Harbour or Titchwell.I chose the latter which was yet another mistake I'd made on this trip.

As I walked along the main path at Titchwell it was even gloomier than yesterday and if anything the wind was stronger.Well done weatherman you got one out of three right!!!!! About par then.

The West Marsh was flooded so there must be a high tide.Above is a gloomy pic showing some of the hundreds of Brent Geese there.

I battled my way to the beach and did not see a single birder on the walk.The tide was in and mountainous seas were crashing onto the beach and the wind was howling from the east.There were two birders on the platform but only one answered my cheery "Good morning" the other who was sitting on the bench remained very still in fact so still I thought he may have died from exposure.Just as I was about to nudge him to check he turned,looked at me with bloodshot eyes and said "F***ing weather".Well at least he wasn't dead.

It was all not a total loss as the beach held loads of waders incl. Sanderlings, Turnstones, Dunlin, Oystercatchers etc. Here are a few gloomy shots.

On the walk back to get a much needed coffee I spotted some Bar-tailed Godwits and a lone Greenshank on a sheltered spot on the brackish marsh.

Here is a shot of the Parrinder hide being consrtucted.It looks like it's going to be pretty big.

I then made a big mistake.I was fed up with the poor conditions and after a sausage bap I headed home instead of calling in at Thornham and Holme.The bird text alert informed me as Iwas driving past Wisbech there was some great stuff to be found there (Brown Flycatcher,Shore Larks,Wrynecks etc.) Bugger Bugger!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Max look at he NOA website and then recent sightings to see what you missed at Holme on Sat/Sun. There was a big fall on sunday.

Jeff Preston of Bentley Heath(Jeff & Brian)

Max Silverman said...

Don't rub it in!!!!!

Pete Walkden said...

I'm sure you'll do better next time. Pics turned out well in spite of the conditions.