Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Another go at the GG Shrike.

I was surprised to see that the weather on Wednesday morning was not too bad so I decided to have another go at the GG Shrike at Napton hoping that this time I would at least go to the right spot.

So did I go to the right spot? Unbelievably I didn't what a clown!!!! This time I rang up Kevin Grocock,who took some cracking shots yesterday, and he soon put me right. ( For anyone who wants to have a go for it : from the crossroads in Napton head towards Southam on the A425 turn left at the "Industrial Estate" sign, park by the gate and walk down the roadway until you come to the overhead wires).

I parked up and was walking along the roadway when I met two birders leaving who said "No sign this morning we think it's f***** off ".Great!!!!!

I joined up with three other birders and began to await the Shrikes arrival.After nearly two hours all we'd seen were a couple of Common Buzzards, two Kestrels and four Ravens and I was getting damn cold in the strong wind.

It was about this time one of the birders cracked and left.What a wimp!!!!! I remained as I was desperate to see the Shrike having messed up yesterday.For once I'd made the right decision as it turned up at long last and spent it's time either on the wires or in the hedges for about an hour before flying off. All at distance I'm afraid not like yesterday when it posed for pictures on the fencing posts.

I didn't get any decent shots because I couldn't get near it and it had become gloomy but I'm not moaning too much it was great to see.Here are some shots note the poor shot of it coughing up a furball.


Kevin Groocock said...

Glad you got it in the end, Max. I had a very unproductive morning at Draycote, from first light!

Pete Walkden said...

At least it showed - I was worried it had gone based on your earlier text messages. Nice one of it flying too.

Max Silverman said...

Cheers chaps.Both of you got cracking shots.