Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A day of failures.

I knew a GG Shrike had been seen this morning at Napton but I had not planned to go and see it as I'd got some half decent shots of one at Morton Bagot earlier in the year.

However, when I'd finished the morning's shopping, I had a couple of texts from Pete Walkden and Kevin Grocock who both told me it was showing well so I thought sod it I'll go over and join them.

Mr. Cocky here didn't need any maps or directions as I had been to Napton before and I would find them easy enough.Wrong!!!!! I must have driven round Napton for an hour, nearly crashed twice (my fault each time) but never saw a sign of any birders or a GGS..

So why didn't I call my friends up and find out where they were? God knows. I thought the bird had flown and they had left.Wrong again.I found out later when I checked the map that,on my grand tour of Napton, I had been pretty close to them on one occasion but had turned the car round.What a burk!!! I also found out later that they had great views so I will not be checking out their websites later so avoiding seeing their great shots and being very jealous.

I then decided to have a look round Draycote Water but, after walking along the Farborough Bank for a bit, I noticed that the weather was going downhill fast.Thinking that there was nothing of note about I headed back home.Wrong again!!!!! I found out later that,at the time I was giving up, Richard Mays and Bob Hazell had found a Snow Bunting on the Draycote Bank.Bugger!!!!!

Not a good day.


Kevin Groocock said...

Max, what can I say? Have another go - its worth it!

Pete Walkden said...

Hi Max, definitely worth another look tomorrow. Even if the weather isn't great... thanks for making me smile though :-)