Thursday, 11 November 2010

Brandon Marsh then Marsh Lane.

As Wednesday started out fine I thought I'd have a quick walk round Brandon Marsh.

I was not filled with confidence as I walked down the main path because lately I'd found Brandon to be very quiet.I decided to look at the West Pool first before the light got too difficult there.It turned out to a good move as two birders in the hide were onto a Bittern which surprisingly was way out the right of the hide deep in the undergrowth.

Don't laugh too loud at the shot I took but it was the first of the Winter and it was nice too see however hidden it was.

I did not see much at all from the other hides.The Carlton hide was particularly grim with only a handful of distant ducks the only birds seen in an hours stay.On this form if you stay in the Carlton hide too long you get suicidal so I quickly raced off.

There were a couple of Goldeneyes from the Baldwin hide was was nice as I think they are fine looking ducks.

On the way home I called in at Marsh Lane hoping the Rough-legged Buzzard seen the day before was still about.I joined a couple of other birders and we searched for an hour or two but only saw a few Common Buzzards.One of the birders was John Oates who found it the day before ( it landed in a tree across from the car park hide) and he showed me some of his shots.

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