Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Hunt for the Red-breasted Merganser.

On Saturday morning I went on the Hunt for the Red-breasted Merganser at Shustoke reservoir which was certainly not so exciting as the film of a few years ago the Hunt for the Red October.In fact it turned out to be a long hard grind.

Got to Shustoke at 9.00AM and found only one birder there scanning the water and he could not find it.Another birder appeared from nowhere and said he saw it much earlier at the north end so I thought I'd better have a walk round there.

After a bracing walk right round I failed to see it although I could well have missed with the bright sun in my eyes when checking it out from the north shore.As I arrived back in the car park I was knackered having walked all round.Allright it's can only be a couple of miles round for normal people but that is at least five Maxmiles.

Things got worse when a friend I met by the car park said it had just been seen close into the east shore so off I set again hoping I wouldn't have to be helicoptered out later.Could I find it on my second walk round? Don't be silly!!!

When I got two thirds round again near the north west corner I happily slumped down on the bench there with Mike and we were soon joined by Alvin and Dave Hutton.I'd given up by this time but Alvin still scanning said "Isn't that it over there?"

It was.Well done Alvin.Managed a few shots in crappy light before it flew off down the water.I was too knackered to chase it any more.Some shots of it swimming which I am pleased with as they are my first shots of the bird.

Here are some shots of it flying off.

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