Thursday, 16 December 2010

A Grim Day's Birding.

Well I know you can't win them all but yesterday's birding was particularly grim.Having done no birding for a few days and seeing that the weather was going to go downhill again I thought I'd better go out so on Wednesday morning I went to Brandon Marsh.

I knew I was not going to have a good day with the camera because as soon as I walked down the main path it started to drizzle (the weather man said it would be dull but dry - idiot!!!!).My mood didn't improve when I chatted to a couple of birders the first said he'd been here since dawn and had seen buggerall and the second said the same and he was so depressed I think he was crying.

It was damp,very dull and very chilly all the time I was there (3+ hours) so I spent most of the time in the various hides but there was absolutely nothing to see of note and everyone I bumped into said the same.

The highlight of the day was having a nice cup of tea in the cafe and being served by a very pretty waitress.You can tell how bad it was as these are the only two shots I took all day.


Kevin Groocock said...

Grim indeed, Max. You should have come to Draycote - even grimmer!

Max Silverman said...

I must get to DW if we get a bright day just to try for the Smew.