Saturday, 11 December 2010

Went to the wrong hide.

Had one of the moments birders loathe this morning at Brandon Marsh.When you enter a hide you are greeted with the dreaded words " You've just missed a ********** " In this case it was a Bittern " Right in front of the hide " and " Flying around right in front of us ".

For some reason when I arrived this morning I went straight to the Steetly hide and stayed for 30 minutes when there was absolutely nothing on show and I knew some friends were in the Carlton hide.What a burk!!!!!

Then to make matters worse I stopped at the East Marsh hide which was empty and again absolutely nothing on show.It was then the text came through " Bittern showing well at Carlton ". I raced up the path to the hide to be greeted with those dreaded words by at least a dozen people.

Of course they all showed me their shots which were stunning including some cracking flight shots.The internet will be full of Bittern shots tonight.It was still there but a long way off by now.Here are my best shots which are very poor compared to what others had taken.Why didn't I go straight to the Carlton hide!!!!


Kevin Groocock said...

Still nice images, Max. I have not seen Bittern yet this winter. I think the Carlton Hide is very much over the top with expectant observers!! I am aiming to get "different" images for my efforts - not 15 of the same! Rarely go to Brandon now!

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Kevin.The Carlton hide can be a pain.

Max Silverman said...
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