Monday, 6 December 2010

Some more local birding.

I had planned to go over to Brandon Marsh at lunchtime to try for the Short Eared Owl that's been seen on the Newlands in the afternoons.

However when I saw that the mist appeared to be rolling in again I chickened out and did some local birding instead.This was a mistake as the mist soon disappeared and a bird text alert told me that the SEO was seen on the Newlands at just before 1.00PM.Bugger!!!!!

Didn't run into the local Waxwings again unfortunately but the usual suspects were performing well once more.

The best spot , which nearly made up for missing the SEO , was finding a male Blackcap.I seem to get shots of them in the Winter and not in the Summer.It was a bit distant and very flighty but very nice to see in the Winter.


Kevin Groocock said...

You're out in this cold, Max? Well done! Wish I was, rather than nursing my "man flu". Nice images - love the Fieldfare!

Max Silverman said...

No Kevin I remained in the car with the window open.What a wimp!!!

Mind you the SEO at Brandon is calling out to me so I must go there soon.