Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Still trapped at home.

Still unable to venture out birding in the car because of the snow that keeps on falling in Knowle and because my car is very poor when the road is slippery I have been limited to garden watching.

I did have to venture out on Wednesday morning as was I was running out of food.I set off on foot to Knowle very early well wrapped up as the temperature was -8 degrees c. and was pleased to do all the shopping without getting too cold or slipping over but my arms were in agony carrying the two bags of shopping.What a wimp.My arms are a good 100mm longer now !!!!!

My small suburban back garden has been very lively with birds the last few days (my neighbour is a keen bird feeder and I'm no slouch).At one time this morning I counted :-

8 Blackbirds

6 Chaffinches

3 Greenfinches

16 Starlings

3 Fieldfares

12 Redwings

The odd Robin,Woodpigeon,Dunnock and House Sparrow.


Kevin Groocock said...

Hopefully it wont last for ever! Why not use the supermarket delivery services? Nice to get Fieldfare & Redwings in the garden.

Max Silverman said...

Hi Kevin.It is far too cold for me to go out birding.

The best visitors to the garden have been a flock of 12 Lesser Redpolls but they are too lively for me to get a shot.