Friday, 31 December 2010

Still struggling to get some decent shots.

As soon as the snow had gone I thought it would be OK to go out with the camera and get some decent shots.Wrong.What we then had round here was very damp,dull and misty weather definitely no good for taking pics.

In my back garden the flock of Lesser Redpolls has still been making regular visits but they can sense when my camera focusses on them because the miserable so and so's clear off.The only shots I've got recently in the garden have been of a couple of Redwings.

On Thursday afternoon realising I had not been out with the camera for a fortnight and suffering badly with cabin fever I thought sod the weather I must go out so I went down to Marsh Lane which is my nearest local patch.

It was very damp and misty but not too cold when I got there.I was surprised to see that the car park pool was still completely frozen over and a 10 minute stay in the hide produced a lone Crow and absolutely nothing else.

From the Oak hide there were some small areas of open water but not much.There were some BH Gulls,a couple of Common Gulls,a few Lapwings,several Teal,a group of Shovelers and the odd Mallard and that was it.It was pretty miserable stuff so roll on Spring.


Kevin Groocock said...

Never mind, Max - we can start again from tomorrow! Happy New Year.

Max Silverman said...

Same to you Kevin.Let's hope we get some rarities at our local patches.