Thursday, 20 January 2011

Brandon Marsh.

As the weather man told me on Wednesday morning it would be a dry day again I decided to pay Brandon Marsh another visit.Got there mid morning to find it brightening up so good for taking some shots as long as I could find something to point the camera at that is.

Had a good walk round but found it very quiet and damn cold .Yet again it was the East Marsh hide that had any action that was going.

The first thing of interest was when a duck came fairly close to the hide and an interesting discussion ensued whether it was the escapee NZ Scaup or a female Tufted Duck.My ID skills suck so when someone asked me what I thought I could only reply with a tame "I can't see a tuft" no one asked me again.

Another birder then entered the hide and he impressed everyone when via his fancy mobile phone he went on the net and got a pic.of a NZ Scaup which convinced most people it was the Scaup.Here are some shots of the NZ Scaup (I think).

When I started birding 5 years ago if a Bittern appeared at a site in the Midlands it was a bit of a sensation but now they are regular sightings at several places every year.If anyone is keen to see one you have an excellent chance in the East Marsh hide at Brandon Marsh where yesterday there were two that showed on and off all day again.Us regulars to the hide have got loads of shots and need something different such as one with a fish or frog however having said that they are always great to see.Here are a couple of shots from yesterday.

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