Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Draycote Water.

After doing some early morning shopping I decided to nip over to Draycote Water to try and get some decent shots of the drake Smew.

Got there mid morning and found the weather bright and not too cold.Well that's what it was like in the lower car park but as soon as I started to walk along the Farborough bank the sun went in and low clouds floated in from nowhere.That was not the worst of it because the famous Draycote northerly wind was blowing in straight from the Arctic and I very soon became frozen to death.It took only minutes for my thermals to be penetrated and as everyone knows that is not pleasant.

I bravely carried on and found the Smew near the spit but it was too far out for my lens to get a decent shot but I did get some shots of it with a fish.

After a short while I had to race back to the car before frostbite set in.I had an early lunch and got some feeling back in my limbs.By this time the sun had appeared again so off I went after the Smew again.It was still in the same spot but unfortunately it was even further out which was a shame because it was bright enough to get a decent shot.I soon gave up but on the walk back I did get a decent shot of a female Goosander.

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