Monday, 24 January 2011

A Morning Trip to Nuneaton.

I cannot recall ever going to Nuneaton before so why would I drive over there on a dull Monday morning.Well Wawings of course.

There had been 148 reported there yesterday so this morning when I received a text saying there were 60 there in the same spot this morning I thought let's go for it especially as Dave Hutton (seeswoodpoolsandbeyond) had got some cracking shots there recently.

Got to the place at just after 10.00AM and was pleased to see Dave there but there was only one Waxwing on show and that was high up in a nearby tree.I need not have worried because although the flock did not return whilst I was there the lone Waxwing present turned out to be a gem.

Much like a film starlet as soon as it thought enough photographers were present it flew down to one of the berry trees and posed for shots.Here are a few shots which I am fairly pleased with as it was pretty dull.

On the way home I had to pass Seeswood pools where a White-fronted Goose had been seen the day before but unfortunately the cold had made me switch to wimp mode and I didn't stop.No wonder my annual Warwickshire is on on 67.


Dave Hutton said...

White-fronted Goose showed quite well Max,i got back to Kingswood rd to find about 50+ birds present & Terry Southgate had well over 60 later on

Kevin Groocock said...
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Kevin Groocock said...

Nice work, Max. I love Waxwings but not seen one since early January! Pity you didn't stop for the WFG - I hope to touch base with it at the end of the week (maybe!).

Max Silverman said...

Thanks Guys.It is always great to see Waxwings.

I should have gone for the WF Goose not for getting shots as I've got some already in Norfolk but it would have been a good Warwickshire tick.