Saturday, 29 January 2011

More Waxwings.

Very pleased to see the sun was shining on Friday morning so I was just about to leave to go to Brandon Marsh when a text from Nic Barlow sent me scurrying off to Meriden. Why Meriden? Well some Waxwings were showing from the bridge that goes over the main A45 on Maxstoke Lane.

Got there at 10.00AM and saw a couple of birders parked on the bridge footpath.I soon located the flock of 18 about 40 metres away on a tree that was on the verge of the A45 on the B'ham side of the bridge.

In the hour I stayed there they were very lively dropping down to the bushes just below the bridge and amazingly a couple of times a few of them landed briefly on the crash barrier on the A45 just below the bridge.

Cracking birds I love them to bits and will always race off to see them and hear them reeling to each other.Here are a few shots of the Meriden birds.

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