Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Nice weather poor birding.

Went to Brandon Marsh on Monday morning and although it was pretty chilly the weather was very bright and excellent for taking pictures.

Unfortunately that was where the good news ended.There was a lot of ice on the pools and this seemed to keep all the birds away because despite visiting everywhere nothing was seen and the camera remained idle.Even the Bittern watchers were having no luck.

The day was saved firstly because I did get a couple of Warwickshire year ticks when I got a brief fly by of a Water Rail from the Carlton hide and a sighting of a lively Goldcrest from the East Marsh hide.

The day was saved secondly by Monica and Tony who were trying to lure the almost tame Robins to land on Monica's camera.

The first Robin was a bit upset and told Monica "Get that Canon out of here.Nikon only"

The second Robin that showed up was very interested in Monica's kit and asked "Are you shooting in RAW"

The third Robin was also a camera buff and said "So this is the Canon 1D mark 4"


Monica and Tony said...

Fantastic work Max, these pictures say a thousand words. Hope to get them trained up a bit more, might go on tour with them.

Max Silverman said...

Thanks guys for setting it up.Good fun.