Saturday, 29 January 2011

A couple of decent Warwickshire year ticks.

After a very good hour with some Waxwings in Meriden on Friday morning I drove down the A45 to Brandon Marsh getting there just before lunchtime.

I didn't stay long in the East Marsh or Carlton hides because a bitterly cold east wind was whistling through the flaps so unsurprisingly I didn't see much but the visit was not without reward as I got a couple of very decent Warwickshire year ticks.

The first was when an Egyptian Goose dropped onto the main pool for about 20 minutes before flying off.Here is a distant shot.

The second was when the Pink-footed Goose which I thought I'd missed retuned to the main pool and was seen pretty well from the Wright hide.I'd seen them in their thousands before in Norfolk but never inland before and never on the water.


Kevin Groocock said...

Hi Max - I shared the cold, but from before light! You got better Pink Footed images than me, when I was in the East Marsh Hide, it was close to the Wright Hide, when I was in the Wright Hide it was near the sand martin bank! And NO Bittern either - I think my luck needs to change.

Max Silverman said...

Hi Kevin.It's hard to get a decent shot from the Wright hide because of the light but I was pleased to get the PFG.I've dipped on the Bitterns lately as well.