Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Another sunny day.

A big surprise on Tuesday was that it was another sunny day.What's happening that's two in a row.Not wishing to miss out I shot over to Draycote Water.

Thought I'd got a shot of the continental race Cormorant near the jetty but of course I hadn't.

I then walked to see the Smew hoping that the higher water level would bring him closer in so I could get a decent shot but not only was he further out the Draycote Siberian wind was blowing and pretty soon my thermals were penetrated.This is the best I could do.

I then headed to the outfall where I met up with Francoise who is also known as the Scauplady and true to form she located the pair of Scaups and lured them in closer.They were as usual asleep and you had to be patient to get a shot.They are interesting at the moment as they are moulting and you can notice the changes.Here are a couple of shots illustrating the changes since my last shots.

I then met up with Richard Mays and Bob Hazell near Rainbow Corner.Always good to meet up with these two as they know if anything is about at Draycote but unfortunately today nothing new was about and the Avocet from yesterday had not been seen.


Kevin Groocock said...

A good couple of days, Max. I can't believe that you got cold at Draycote! Did you see anything of the Avocets - one at Draycote and ?fifteen over Brandon? I just love those pair of Scaups!

Max Silverman said...

Kevin early in the morning a bitter northerly wind was howling along the Farborough bank.I soon wilted.

The Scaups are great but I think the female has gone.