Thursday, 24 March 2011

Another Visit to Whitacre Heath.

As soon as I saw that it was going to be another nice day I went over to Whitacre Heath again this morning.

Although it was very pleasant walking round the woods and visiting all the hides all I'd got to show by lunchtime was a shot of a Reed Bunting sitting on some candy floss and a decent shot of a Chiffchaff considering they staying high up in the trees.Also I did see my first Kingfishers of the year on the main pool.

After a quick lunch in the car park I headed to the Main Pool hide hoping the LS Woody would show up again at 1.00PM like it did on Tuesday.I joined up with Brian and Phil in the hide and soon we were joined by Glen.Right on cue the Woody turned up on the reeds in front of the hide just as a woman photographer entered the hide.What timing!!!!!!

There were 5 togs in the hide all rattling off shots so when it showed well there were 40 shots a second being taken and I bet by the time it flew off we jointly had taken 1000 shots.

So how were my shots? Considering it stayed for several minutes and was at the back of the reeds in front of the hide they were poor for some reason loads were out of focus, underexposed etc.Here are a few of the better ones.

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