Monday, 28 March 2011

Two and a half hours watching reeds.

Who on earth would be stupid enough to spend two and a half hours watching reeds.Well me for one and why did I do this?Because last night a Spotted Crake had been reported from the East Marsh hide at Brandon Marsh.

Never seen one before so the lure of a life tick was too much to resist so quite early this morning I joined Kevin and George in the hide where it had been seen much earlier near the channel.This is why I stared at the reeds hoping to get a glimpse of the Crake.

However,after searching for nearly two and a half hours looking at only reeds,irreversible brain damage was starting to manifest itself and also I was losing feeling in both legs so I had to escape fast.As I left the hide all I could hear was "Wimp", No stamina", "You'll be sorry".

I had a walk round and keen to take some shots of anything I had a go at a Chiffchaff which was again high up in the trees.

I then went to the Teal Pool hide to have lunch and as I was eating I noticed a Goldfinch also having lunch and I'm not sure who was the messier eater.Probably me.

I then had a go at getting shots of a dozen or so of Sandmartins zooming around catching flies.Good practice for getting Hobby shots when they arrive.My God these Sandmartins zip around a lot so how did I do?Well all I can say is my collection of empty sky shots has got much larger.Here are a couple of crappographs and in one you can see the fly it's after.

This Redpoll shot was still on the camera and I must have taken it at Whitacre Heath last Friday.It's obviously checking out the skies for the Sparrowhawk.


Kevin Groocock said...

You wimp, Max. I spent 8 hours staring at the reeds! JUst seen on RBA that ITS BACK! Reported at 1845, exactly 12 hours after it was seen this morning. At least you got some images - I got nowt!

Max Silverman said...

Spent 3 hours yesterday and luckily got it briefly in the channel.