Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Visit to Whitacre Heath.

On Friday morning I was keen to get out with the camera if only to keep me away from doing more gardening which is slowly destroying my neck,shoulder and back muscles so I thought another trip to Whitacre Heath was in order.I could have another go for the LS Woodies.

The gate was open when I got there because some tree work was being done so no battling with the combination lock.I headed straight for the River Pool hide area and spent over an hour waiting patiently but saw nothing except for a couple of Chiffchaffs and certainly no LS Woodies.So as it was brightening up I headed for the Feeder hide.

I met up with Malcolm Goode and Tom Melton in the hide who had set up things nicely.Always nice to meet up with these two especially as they are great photographers.

The Lesser Redpolls were there showing well but no sign of the Mealy Redpoll that has been seen there lately.

I was pleased a Siskin turned up because I've struggled to see them this year and hadn't got any decent shots.

A discussion took place when a Willow/Marsh Tit turned up as to what it was.I couldn't enter the discussion as I'd forgotten how you told them apart.It was eventually thought it was a Willow Tit but checking later at home it does have a glossy head so a Marsh Tit?????


Dave Hutton said...

Bottom photo is Willow Max,however if the 2 top photos were taken at a different time/visit by the bird i'd say Marsh

Dave Shakespeare said...

Cracking shots! shot 3 of the Siskins being my favourite :-)

As for the Marsh/Willow Tit question? Far to difficult for my new skills to distinguish. This birding malarky quite frustrating sometimes..

Max Silverman said...

Thanks Dave.The shots were taken over a 90 minute period so could well be different birds.