Sunday, 17 April 2011

Out Birding on Sunday.

If the weather is OK I usually go to Marsh Lane on Sunday mornings but this Sunday I drove over to a water tower in Bedworth.

Why should I drive all the way to a water tower in Bedworth? Because someone told me you can see Peregrine Falcons there and I could do with some decent shots of these chaps.So how did I do? Well not too good as it happens! What they didn't tell me was that the tower was a massive structure and very tall and it was surrounded by a very compact housing estate so tricky parking.

I soon got onto one right at the top of the tower but the sun was right behind it so I drove round to the other side of the tower but although it was now in the sun it was even further away.It soon flew off not to be seen again.This is all I got.

Sitting dozing in the garden in the afternoon I got a call from Nic Barlow telling me a male Wheatear was near the car park hide.As I hadn't seen one this year (and so a Warks Year tick) I shot over there. My good friend Mr.Pintail was there and to the left of the hide the Wheatear was still there.Also there was a Yellow Wagtail to the right of the hide but a bit distant.

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