Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I think I am in great danger of becoming a ghoul or even a necromancer because just lately all the birding I have been doing has been in churchyards.

Last week I went to the churchyard at Napton on the Hill twice,Tuesday morning I had a look in Knowle churchyard while I was waiting for the bakers to open, in the afternoon I went to Berkswell churchyard and yesterday morning I was wondering around the churchyard at Napton yet again.

There is a good reason.Whilst all my local patches are very quiet churchyards at the moment are the best spot to see something decent and in particular one of my favourite birds the Spotted Flycatcher.They do seem to favour churchyards which are the only places I seem to see them.They must be very religious birds and are C of E because I've never seen one in the churchyard of another denomination.

I think I saw a Spotted Flycatcher in the Knowle churchyard on Tuesday but I couldn't be certain as I hadn't got my bins with me.In the afternoon I got two at the Berkswell churchyard but only at distance and in the trees at the back.They didn't not venture on the gravestones.I did get a shot of a Green Woody which is not a great shot but I was pleased as I cannot get near these chaps.

Went yet again yesterday morning to Napton on the Hill churchyard.There usually four Spotted Flycatchers flitting around the gravestones here but I struggled to find even one.I eventually found one on the lower graveyard and in the twenty minutes it showed it gave a great display of fly catching and chasing butterflies.

Called in at Brandon Marsh on the way home.The only thing of interest we saw was when walking in the field near the river and we stumbled on a couple doing something much better than birding in the long grass.No pics !!!!!

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