Saturday, 23 July 2011

Out early on Saturday morning.

Starved recently of seeing any decent birds to point the camera at I decided early on Saturday morning to go to the churchyard at Napton on the Hill where you have a decent chance of seeing a Spotted Flycatcher.

Another reason for going again was that although I've seen these chaps over the years quite a lot I haven't got a decent shot which is a pain because I've got some nice shots of Pied Flycatchers and I hardly ever see them at all.I've even got some close ups.

As I got half way to Napton I noticed I'd not put my outdoor boots on and was still wearing some lightweight shoes and even worse I hadn't put on my birding cap. Bugger Bugger !!!!

Got there just after 8.00AM and soon managed to get my shoes soaked as I walked across the wet grass in the churchyard to get to a decent spot.Things got even worse then as it started to drizzle and as I sheltered under a tree dribbles of water dropped onto my hatless head.Wonderful.

No more moaning because the Flycatchers were out and about.There are at least four of them there and if anyone says there are six I wouldn't argue with them.They were a bit flighty but I managed to get some decent shots.

Didn't stay too long because when a woman approached me and said " Are you the wedding photographer ?" I realised a wedding was imminent.


Keith (Boatbirder) said...

Hey Max, your posts always make me smile! You'd forget your head if it wasn't screwed on!

Great shots as ever!!



Max Silverman said...

Cheers Keith.