Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A couple of local trips.

Sunday morning I made my usual trip to Marsh Lane getting there just before 8.00AM.

Although it was pretty early it was a warm and bright morning ideal for getting some shots but unfortunately there was nothing new around for me to point the camera at other than a LRP chick that was too far away for my lens.

I did manage a few decent shots of a Sedgie that came close to the side of the Oak hide.

Monday morning I reluctantly agreed to join a friend who was going over to Whitacre Heath.I say reluctantly because my friends have got more patience than me and are happy to sit in the Scrape hide for hours waiting for the KF's to turn up.After a couple of hours of only seeing some Common Whitethroats I left the hide to have a walk round.

After lunch I headed to Marsh Lane hoping the warm still weather would lure a Hobby in hawking for dragonflies but no such luck.I'm doing badly this year for these chaps.

I did bump into a young friend ( Martin ) whilst walking round ML who luckily for me still had in his camera some stunning shots he took last week at Brandon Marsh of a Dunnock feeding a huge Cuckoo chick.Amazing shots.

Martin : I know you sometimes check this blog so if you don't mind could you send me some of your shots.Send them to maxmary@tiscali.co.uk.

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