Friday, 15 July 2011

Struggling to get any decent shots.

I suppose you should expect it this time of year but I have struggled this last week to see any decent birds to point the camera at.

Last Monday at both Whitacre Heath and later in the day Marsh Lane I could not find anything interesting to get any shots of so on Wednesday I went to Napton on the Hill which has been great lately with the Spotted Flycatchers showing well every time I've been.

When I got to the churchyard it was soon obvious it was having a bad day with no birds showing at all let alone the Spotted Flycatchers.What had happened the day before apparently was that the farmer had mowed the field next to the churchyard and the noise had dispersed the birds.On a walk to the windmill did manage some shots of a Blackcap (I think a juvenile and not a female).

On Thursday I went to Brandon Marsh.As I walked down the main path I convinced myself that I would be lucky to find anything and so just enjoy the walk in the nice weather.This plan was dashed almost immediately when I bumped into Martin by the wind pump and yet again early that morning he'd got some cracking shots of the Cuckoo being fed by the Dunnocks.Observers saw me turn green with envy as I looked at his shots.Of course I searched for ages but never saw it.

You can tell how poor the birding was that day as the only shot I took was of this dragonfly.

To have a chance of seeing the Cuckoo Martin says you must get there at 7.00AM so I made the effort on Friday morning and was in position at 6.50AM but after a patient search I drew a blank.Bugger Bugger !!!!!

Had a quick walk round and I can see why real birders go out early because there were loads of birds about particularly from the Carlton hide which was awash with Warblers but only a quick fly by by a KF.

I then shot off to Napton on the Hill to see if the Spotted Flycatchers had returned and they had.I hadn't even opened the churchyard gate when I saw four of them two of them on the church itself and another two flitting about on the gravestones.I though we're OK here I'm going to get some great shots but they were very lively and after only ten minutes they had flown off.Did manage a few shots before they flew off.

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