Sunday, 3 July 2011

Marsh Lane.

Early this morning I went on my usual Sunday visit to Marsh Lane.Got there well before 8.00AM and found it surprisingly warm.

Didn't find anything new there and the 3 little Egrets reported on Saturday were not present as far as I could see.There were loads of Reed/Sedge Warblers near the causeway flitting around in the apple trees and on the reeds.

A lone Shellduck made a nice reflection shot on the railway pool but nothing else new was showing.

After a nice lunch I was in my back garden reading a very good book which had just got to a very tense court room scene when a blackbird started screeching out it's alarm call.After enduring this for an age I reluctantly stopped reading and looked up to see what all the fuss was about only to see a Sparrowhawk dart into a conifer tree.Like a flash I went and got the camera hoping it would show itself again.

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Pete Walkden said...

Nice sprawk shots. Looks like it may have recently caught something too?