Saturday, 6 August 2011

An early morning trip to Draycote Water.

As I hadn't been over to Draycote Water for many weeks I thought it was about time I went there so early on Friday morning off I went.

I got there just before 8.00AM to have a look round before Joe Public flooded the place and was pleased to see only one car in the car park.I headed straight down to the Spit because friends yesterday had seen a few waders there including a Wood Sandpiper.I didn't find the Wood Sandpiper but there were 3 Dunlin ,1 Ringed Plover and 3 Little Ringed Plovers.Although it was a bit gloomy it was nice to see some waders.

I then headed along to Toft.On route saw a couple of Yellow Wagtails but couldn't see the Wood Sandpiper there.I did spot a Common Sandpiper that looked like it was next to a large dollop of ice cream.I also found the Red-breasted Merganser but the miserable so and so stayed way out on the water and I could only get some crappographs.

I then went down the road to Napton on the Hill as I'd got a couple of shots of the Spotted Flycatchers for the vicar in whose churchyard they had bred this year.Always good to keep well in with these chaps as you don't know if it might be needed in the future.

The churchyard was pretty quiet bird wise probably because some noisy mowing was being done.Did find a bush though that was covered in juvenile Long-tailed Tits which was quite a site.

Thinking the Spotted Flycatchers had legged it back to Africa by now I was pleased to spot one high up in a distant tree along the edge of the graveyard.

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Kevin Groocock said...

Nice images, Max. 0800 is not early, its late!!! Some have photographed the RBM on the rocks but it did not come in close for me either. I wonder whats next to arrive?