Sunday, 7 August 2011

Marsh Lane early in the morning.

Having stayed in on Saturday early on Sunday morning I went on the short trip to Marsh Lane.I got there at 7.30AM in bright sunshine but it was a bit chilly in the strong breeze.

I had a bit of luck when I met Brian Harris on the path leading to the River hide (a hide I rarely visit) but when Brian said there was a Godwit showing on one of the islands I headed off there to see if I could get a shot.It was a bit distant and didn't stay long before flying around a while before landing on the car park pool.

It showed pretty well from the car park hide for a few minutes before flying off North.Any doubts about it's exact ID were swept away when it showed it's tail to reveal it was a Black-tailed rather than a Bar-tailed Godwit.

A little later after we had had a good look round the reserve we found a Little Egret had landed on the end of one of the car park pool islands.Of course it had to be the furthest island from the hide but nice to see.

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