Thursday, 25 August 2011

Struggling this week to get some shots.

I have struggled this week so far to get any decent bird shots mainly because there is nothing of note around locally.

On Sunday morning I made an early trip to Marsh Lane and although is was very pleasant in the sunny weather there were no birds of note around to point the camera at.The only bird of interest was a Common Sandpiper although later in the afternoon I believe someone got a male Common Redstart down the Old Road.

Monday morning I met up with a friend who wanted to go to the Middleton Hall reserve.I was not that keen as the birds are too far off for my lens but it was a lovely morning and we did see a couple of Little Egrets,a lone Black-tailed Godwit and a couple of Greenshanks.Others had seen the Wood Sandpiper but we didn't.It will be a better place for me when they build a hide.

Did a bit better when I went to Draycote Water on Wednesday morning.I decided to walk down the Farborough Bank and soon got onto a couple of Yellow Wagtails on the water edge.

When I got to the spit I joined some other birders and I realised straight away that the group was a gathering of some of Warwickshire birding legends.Local birding royalty in fact.There was Richard Mays,Bob Hazell,Colin Potter,Bob Duckhouse and me.Well all right not me but I was standing with them.

The stretch of shoreline from the centre to the spit held quite a few waders.Here are a few shots which were taken from distance mainly because the water is so low now that the waters edge where the waders feed is a fair way off.

Don't laugh too loud but here is my best shot of the Black Terns that were whizzing around over the water but in my defense they were miles away.


Kevin Groocock said...

Good stuff Max, Love the "headless" Sanderling!

Max Silverman said...

Yes Kevin they are very rare.Been a decent shot if the head was showing.