Sunday, 28 August 2011

A couple of local visits.

Saturday morning I went over to Brandon Marsh which as it turned out was a bad move because it was very quiet with very little about.

Luckily for me I was able to team up with a couple of friends which eased the pain of not being able to point the camera at anything.It was well into the third hour together that we had our first bit of action when a Sparrowhawk landed very briefly in the bushes to the left of the Carlton hide.

The only other birds of note where a couple of Green Sandpipers on the Teal Pool.

Early on Sunday morning I went over to Marsh Lane hoping that yesterdays Black Tern was still about.

The first bird I spotted was one of the Black Swan/Mute Swan signets which I'm sure would be a good question in a bird ID quiz.

Shortly afterwards I spotted the Black Tern which was good news but there was bad news as well because it favoured the spit by the River hide which was a long way off.Too far for a decent shot.

When it did fly I managed to mess up most of the shots.If a bird is in the sky I can get some decent shots but if it is against a tree background I'm in trouble.I did fluke one OK shot.

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