Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Battling the wind at Draycote Water.

I was not going to go out birding this morning because of the weather but when the weatherman said that the wind would be dropping to a breeze and it would be mainly dry I decided to chase some waders at Draycote Water.

Got there at 9.30AM and headed for the spit but when I took my first step along the Farborough Bank a howling wind blew my favourite cap off my head.If it hadn't been for my amazing hand to eye co-ordination allowing me to grab my cap in mid air it would have been hanging off a tree in deepest Leicestershire in no time at all.The wind had not dropped to a breeze it was blowing a howling gale.Wonderful!!!!

Battled my way to the Spit and was pleased to see some Waders including a Little Stint.Here are some shots all taken at the Spit.

I then had decided to give up and go home as the wind was too strong for me but luckily I met up with Richard Mays and Colin Potter near the centre and they put me onto a distant Little Gull and a Black Tern.Even better they spotted a Manx Shearwater also a long way out but giving good views in their scopes.

For the next couple of hours I tried to get some decent shots of the MS but failed.Every time I tried to get anywhere near it it would fly off into the distance.Managed a few crappographs but still nice to see.

Here's one I took earlier.In fact on 23/09/09 off the Farborough Bank at 9.30AM.


Kevin Groocock said...

Nice to see you Max. Glad you got the L Stint. You did well with the Manx - I failed miserably to get any images! Was the Knot still on the spit?

Max Silverman said...

I did not see it mind you it might have still been there.Hard too see anything as it was so windy and gloomy.