Saturday, 10 September 2011

Off again to Draycote Water.

I had not planned to go out birding on Friday but when I heard that the forecast for the weekend and into next week was pretty foul I thought I'd better make the effort before the weather closes in.There was only one local patch to go for and that was Draycote Water as this was the only place some decent birds had been showing.

Got there just before 10.00AM and headed down the Farborough bank in pretty dull and windy conditions.I soon got onto a couple of Wheatears but they were not playing ball and I couldn't get near them.Also on the bank itself there were at least a dozen Yellow Wagtails flying around but again couldn't get any shots as they favoured the lower slope well out of the wind.Did get to use the camera when I spotted a Cormorant on the foreshore.

Half way down to the spit there was a mixed flock of waders (Dunlin and Ringed Plovers) that was flying around.Managed a couple of flight shots.

Finally got to the Spit and was surprised to see that I had it to myself.Thinking there must be no birds there I was pleased to spot the Little Stint straight away.Got a few shots no better than the last efforts on Wednesday but this time I got some flight shots.

As I was having a bite of lunch on the wall half way back to the centre I spotted this Greenshank catching a fish.Here are some shots as it does some fishing, catches the fish and flying off before a BH Gull tries to grab it's catch.


Kevin Groocock said...

Another good day then Max! The flight shots are very good as is the Greenshank having lunch!

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Kevin.DW is a great place at the moment.Pity about those dam winds.