Sunday, 23 October 2011

Out birding in the sunshine.

As soon as I saw that the sun was shining on Saturday morning I thought I must get out there with the camera but where to go was a problem.Nothing decent had been seen locally for ages now with the exception of last week's Spoonbill at Draycote.

As far as I knew the flashes at Upton Warren had dried out as had all the pools at Whitacre Heath.Marsh Lane and Brandon Marsh had been quiet for ages and nothing had been seen at Shustoke Res. for a while now.Middleton Hall gets some decent birds but is not too good for photographers as everything is far too far away unless you've got a monster lens.I'd been to Draycote earlier in the week so I opted for Brandon Marsh again as I knew that there would be a few friends there.

Got there just before 10.00AM to find a very pleasant sunny morning and as expected there were a lot of friends about.So a decent day then? No there was one thing missing.Some birds to point the camera at!!!! It was very very quiet.

I spent a long time both before and after lunch round the sheep field and and Newlands areas hoping for a glimpse of the Short Eared Owl but no such luck.I think I've got a better chance of seeing Cheryl Cole dancing in the sheepfield than I've got of seeing a SEO there.Mind you thinking about it I would rather see Chery Cole.

Mid afternoon I gave up and headed back home.All I'd got after a lot of walking round were some pretty poor shots of a Common Buzzard,a Kestrel and a Sparrowhawk all at distance from the Carlton Hide.Not worth posting!!!!!

Had a bit of a surprise this morning as I was eating breakfast watching the TV news in the lounge.A movement in the front garden caught my eye.It was not one of the cats that visit my garden it was a badger!!!!!!!! It scurried through my garden,crossed the road and went under a neighbour's hedge.Bearing in mind that it was after 8.00AM and I live in the middle of an estate in Knowle this was an amazing spot.


Kevin Groocock said...

Same problems, Max. Thats why i've been looking at other photo opportunities i.e landscapes but I don't think i'll win any prizes! Glad theres not much going on as i'm at work till Tues!

Max Silverman said...

We do struggle here locally Kevin.It's a bit depressing going out all day and hardly using the camera.We will have to move to Norfolk or the Scilly Isles !!!!