Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The struggle to get decent shots continues.

Worried that my camera would soon get rusty due to lack use taking bird shots I hurried over to Brandon Marsh again on Tuesday morning hoping that my poor efforts last Saturday would not be repeated.

Got there just before 10.00AM to find a sunny and quite warm morning with only a light breeze blowing.Things on the camera front started badly because I missed shots of some Redwings and a lone Fieldfare that were just past the sheepfield because they would not show themselves in the open.Not much to ask.

Then when I found a couple of Goldcrests in the New Hare covert I failed to get even one shot off as they were too fast for me.Things got even worse because when I saw everything on the East Marsh pool had panicked and had flown high in the sky I couldn't get round to the hide fast enough to see what had caused the the panic.It was a Peregrine.I found this out later when friends showed me their shots of it on Willow Island.Bugger Bugger !!!!! Don't you love it when that happens!!!!

I did get excited just for a moment when this chap was flying round the EM pool .......

......... but when it landed it was only a Pigeon.Bugger Bugger!!!!!

Did have a bit of luck when this Willow Tit (I hope it is a WT and not a Marsh Tit) that landed briefly along the main path.

One of my targets this Autumn is to get a flight shot of a Jay with an acorn in it's mouth.Time is running out but I did manage some half decent shots near the tip area.

A bit further along the tip area I located a couple of Common Buzzards but they were two fields away.One did come a little closer but not close enough for a decent shot with my lens.

The other one landed at the top of a tree but was still a long way off and my hopes it might come my way were dashed when the miserable so and so went back the way it came.


Christian said...

You've got some crackers there Max. I love the Jay in flight and the Tit is a beauty.

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Christian.