Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Visit to Brandon Marsh.

Not having been out with the camera for a few days and despite the fact that a strong cold wind was blowing I decided on Tuesday morning to pay a visit to Brandon Marsh.

I got there just before 10.00AM but did not head round the reserve straight away because I was in dispute with admin. (they said I hadn't paid my subs but I had and what's more they had cashed the cheque) and I wanted to sort them out.So going into aggressive mode I very quickly had the matter cleared up satisfactorily.I am pretty scary when I am in aggressive mode!!!!

One shot high on my wish list is to get a shot of a Jay with an acorn in it's mouth and I got the opportunity very quickly when I spotted one in the woods but the distance and the gloomy conditions resulted in a few crappographs I'm afraid.

I then headed out to the Steetly hide to join a couple of friends.The Steetly hide is a small hide but just lately at Brandon this has been the only hide that you have a chance of seeing anything and to prove this at one time there were 9 people jammed in there this morning.I was surprised it didn't collapse.

Kingfishers have been very reliable here and one turned up pretty soon after I entered the hide.It did a bit of fishing but despite the fact there were 5 photographers having a go no one got a decent flight/diving shot including me but I was able to add to my empty water shot collection.

When the KF flew off I did spot a Water Rail but it was a long way off having a bath.This was the first WR I'd seen for ages.After it finished it's bath it then did a lot of wing flapping and running around.Pity it was a long way off.

Things got no better when visits to all the other hides drew a blank and a walk to the Newlands and the Sheepfield was also fruitless.Keith Yates had seen the SEO again on the sheepfield but that was at dawn so it was no surprise when I didn't see it much later on in the day.

Even a chat to the very attractive waitress in the cafe failed to cheer me up.I was undoubtedly suffering from post Spoonbill depression.

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Keith (Boatbirder) said...

Hi Max, I've said it many times to you before! The early bird catches the worm!!

Aisha sends here regards :)